No One Believes You When You Lie

by The Gramophones

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released August 27, 2014

Brunno Cunha (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano)
Felipe Rangel (vocals)
Pedro Guy (bass)

Drums by Thiago Guerra
Additional vocals on "Wind" by Victor Souza
Electric and acoustic guitar on "Wind" by Rafael Mimi
Steel guitar on "Passing By" by Rafael Mimi
Bass on "I Alone" by Joe Gomes
Backing vocals on "Hold On" by Letícia Bello and Calú Spallicci

Produced by Eduardo Xty Recife
Co-produced by Brunno Cunha
Recording assistants Thiago Veiga and Isabella Céspede
Recorded and mixed at Revolution Studios by Eduardo Xty Recife
Mastered by Insanity Inc.

Cover art by Alexandra Spallicci

Thanks to the true believers.



all rights reserved


The Gramophones Avaré, Brazil

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Track Name: No One Believes You When You Lie
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

Caged like an animal is my new state of mind
My body is aching and my mind is on fire
I'm not ok, it's my own mistake
But all I did was nothing compared with been misbehave

My friends are telling me to start a brand new life
TV and cigarettes are wasting my time
I'm not ok, it's my own mistake
Take me to a brand new level

Ohh, I couldn't stand it no more
Leave me alone, leave me alone
Everytime I use the same excuse
Leave me alone, leave me alone

I learned by the wrong way
That no one believes you when you lie
And that's not ok, to be afraid
When everything is going wrong
Track Name: No Truce
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

Everytime I try to do new things to make you laugh
You tell me to get off, you turn your back and lay in bed
No truce, misuse
But first things first baby

You keep telling your friends that I'm trouble and we know it's true
But I know you just do this game to make you feel more secure
Refuse, abuse
But you know that you need me

So come on, come on
Tell me what's going on
Come on, come on
You'll be sorry when I'm gone
Remember, first things first baby
Track Name: I Alone
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/J. Monaco)

Always being smart
While I try to live
Believe half in your heart
In the other half you're free

Drinking makes me sober
My thoughts are based in facts
The game is never over
Forget about the past

The useless fits to me
The rest I throw it out
My move is trust in the future
The world can't stop me now

Showing your emotions
Could put yourself in hell
But using just the reason
Could not suit you well

They'll say it's madness, oh yeah
But I alone ought to find
A way to reach my own
Peace of mind
Track Name: Hold On
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

Father, don't you worry... it's all right
Mother, there's no hurry... it will be fine
Sister, take your time and hold on

Hold on...

And I just don't know how to face the fact
The only thing that I can do
Is to sit here and write this song

Hold on...

And in the end we all know that one day we will go.
Track Name: 45 Blues
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

Well, this is a true story about an old man called Cap'n Laughing Billy
He had an evil-hearted woman named Lucy
But he tried to take a chance with my girl
I said "Motherfucker, you're out of your goddamn mind?"
He said "I'm sorry son, but she's a hell of a kind"
Off course I got angry and shot him with my old friend .45

'Cause I'm bad, yes I am
Don't mess with my girl again
Cap'n Laughing Billy lived
But next time I'll kill him with my own bare hands

One year later, Cap'n came back to the same old place
That I shot him down with that big smile upon my face
I said "You have 3 seconds to get the fuck out of this shithole!"
He said "Ok, I'll go, but first I'll take your soul son"
Then my girl put 5 bullets in his chest and she said "Baby, it's done"

'Cause she's bad, like I am
Don't mess with my girl again
Cap'n Laughing Billy died
Next time don't try to take a chance with a girl like mine
Track Name: Passing By
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

It's early morning
The light still low
There's a calm in my soul

I can hear the river
The silent road
Just a piece of the world

There is no sorrow
There is no pain
I'll leave this for tomorrow
And enjoy today

Keep on dreaming
Forget the last day
You will find a new way

Don't need no money
Don't need new shoes
Just sing an old blues

You can buy sadness
You can buy little things
But I think this is madness
When it comes to the end

God knows what it feels like to be the sunshine in the end of the night
I'm just passing by
Track Name: Willie Mae
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

Willie Mae, you left me so alone
But in my mind those memories are nearly gone

Your eyes are full of sun
But you can't hold on anyone

Willie Mae, it's been such a long time
But I know that anywhere you go you'll shine

Maybe you never let me in
Maybe you never let me know you

And maybe I just could not see
All you ever wanted was to be free...
Track Name: Roll The Dice
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

She goes again
I don't understand
I ain't have much
But I got a brand new band

She tease me
Makes fun of me
But deep inside, I know she believes in me

The world outside tried to eat me alive
But I don't give up fighting

The second chance is taking place
And I don't wanna let her down

She goes again, and again, and again...

Let's roll the dice
Don't close your eyes
If you don't trust yourself you'll be somebody else
You better bet you're gonna pay the price
Track Name: Do You Know What I Mean?
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Pedro Guy)

I don't care about your innocence
Yeah, It ain't worth a dime
I don't mind about your nonsense
Yeah, It keeps me alive

I get up
You settle down
To keep things clean
Make it up 'till the breakdown
Do you know what I mean?

I don't mind about your business
I don't care if you are outta time
I don't mind about your loneliness
I don't care how much you deny

I don't care about your innocence
Do you know what I mean?
Track Name: Wind
(Brunno Cunha/Felipe Rangel/Rafael Mimi/Victor Souza)

Someday I'll look back
And understand what I've done
Someday I'll look back
And see what I've become

But for now,
I just want to leave here
And ride the wind

Someday you'll look back
And I hope that you understand what you've done

And all I know...
There was no other way...
Ride the wind