Down By The Countryside

by The Gramophones

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released July 1, 2012

Felipe Rangel: vocals
Brunno Cunha: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards
J. Monaco: drums and percussion

Additional musicians:
Arthur Zarpelon: bass on tracks 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9
Rafael Mimi: electric guitar on tracks 3, 4 and bandolim on tracks 5, 6

Produced by Brunno Cunha and Edu Recife.
Recorded and mixed at Revo Studios by Edu Recife
Mastered by Evolution Mastering

Artwork by Camila Rangel
Cover photo by J. Monaco
Inside photos by J. Monaco and Thais Castrale




all rights reserved


The Gramophones Avaré, Brazil

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Track Name: Words untold
Words untold
Everyday could make some difference
The passion is sold
For any kind of cheap romance

Don't blow
The chance is in your hands, it's my advice
Lead the flow
While you're trying to reach the paradise

Say love, for the part-time-lovers
Pray, for your full-time-haters

Raise hope
The end of it all is not even near
I ain't that old
But the mission is already clear
Track Name: Mistress hips
Most known as "Mistress hips"
She's the men's delight
Dance in a whorehouse for a few tips
Her body is outta sight

Got sick of her lifestyle
Lit a brand new cigar
Decided to burn the whorehouse down
And stole her pimp's car

Sister, you're in trouble
You got to figure out what you gonna do
Oh yeah, don't need no struggle
To know you're a hell of a woman

Looking for a new living
Returned to her mother's house
Hoping to be accepted again
By the one who kicked her out

When she got there
She was not well accepted
She was treated like a whore again
Then she killed her mom and dad, too bad
Track Name: Irish coffee
No matter how you are
No matter if you're wrong or right
No matter where you're going, if it's left or if it's right
No matter if you let it out, or if you hold me tight
I know there's only one thing that will make you fell allright

Some irish coffee
Irish coffee

No matter how you are, if you're right or wrong
No matter if you're weak, or if you're strong
No matter if it takes so long for you to like my song
I know that there's only one thing that will make you come along

Some irish coffee
Irish coffee

And if you don't find your own peace of mind
I'll be waiting here
Track Name: Dear young Jane
She's to blame but I can't complain
Dear young Jane, what a shame
Life's too short and she's the same
The same old girl that knows my name

Time goes by five years has passed
Since I've found her in a mess
The good days are gone and now I'm blessed
Dear young Jane I know you were the last

Here's the story of dear young Jane
And her 35 red dolls...
Track Name: Maybe
Maybe one day things will be clear to me
And then we can meet again
And then we can talk again

Maybe one day things will be clear to you
And then we can laugh again
And then we can cry again

Maybe some afternoon life will be easy to me
And then we can drink again
And then we can dream again

And maybe today life can be easy to you
And the you may find your own peace of mind
Track Name: Down by the countryside
Babe, I'm having a breakdown
And I'm so tired
Won't you take me down
By the countryside?

Babe, I wanna wake up in the morning
And have another beer
I wanna walk in the sun
With nothing to fear

Babe, won't you take me down
Down by the countryside
Maybe we can see the things
The way they were meant to be

Babe, I don't wanna run
And I don't wanna hide
I wanna spend my days with you
By my side

I need a place where the sky is clear
And I need a place away from here
I need a place inside my soul
I need a place to rock and roll
Track Name: Anna
Anna, how dare you don't even call me again?
You turned our thing into a bitter story
Good days comes and goes but in the end
Both of us, became lonely

I Remember when we used to listen songs
All day long
Cheap wine and some Rolling Stones
Those were the days

You spitting in my shoes, ohh
And laughing for nothing
You were such a silly girl

How could a girl like you send me letters?
I know how much I kept them in mind
I bet you wish I could hold them forever
Sorry you were wrong 'cause I'm not that kind
Track Name: Outta luck
The road is long and it's getting straight
Maybe it's a good thing but I lost my faith
That in the end I might find her

No matter how hard you try to hide
You're outta luck somehow
I don't believe you still got your pride
Love ain't gonna save you now

You keep on running everyday
I think about it and it's such a waste
That I might find her
Track Name: People don't change
Seasons, they all come and go
A mountain may change the river flow
All these stars are not gonna be here everyday
Everything's gonna change someday

But people don't change

Seasons, they all come and go
A mountain may change the river flow
All these dreams are not gonna be here everyday
They're all gonna fade away

But people don't change
Track Name: Anyway
Live fast, die young
Drinking whiskey 'till it burns, and burns, and burns...
Oh, mamma had shut the door in my face
Praying for my disgrace

But it's ok
'Cause I can handle it anyway

I guess I'm falling into pieces
I'm falling into pieces

But it's ok
I can handle it anyway